Calice offers perspective as future energy leader

EAP student and Master of Public Affairs (MPA) candidate Mikhaila Calice shared her perspective on addressing climate change during the Fastest Path to Zero Summit in April at the University of Michigan. Summit participants included high-level clean energy and climate leaders, policymakers, news reporters, and faculty from Michigan’s energy policy and engineering programs.

Professor Todd Allen, chair of Michigan’s Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, invited Calice as a future energy leader. Allen also serves as a senior visiting fellow at Third Way, a national think tank that champions modern center-left ideas and co-sponsored the two-day summit.

Calice spoke with Kelsy Green, a doctoral pre-candidate in the University of Michigan’s Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences Department. Representing “the generation that has to react to climate change challenges,” they offered three main takeaways: the need for interdisciplinary work, radicalism, and a sense of urgency.

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