Nemet releases book on solar energy’s success and lessons for low-carbon innovation

Photo from How Solar Energy Became Cheap book launch party

In his first book, How Solar Energy Became Cheap: A Model for Low-Carbon Innovation, Prof. Greg Nemet details the success story of solar energy and offers guidance for how to accelerate innovation of other low-carbon technologies. The La Follette School professor and EAP program faculty member’s book was published June 10 by Routledge, with a launch party hosted by the EAP program on June 12.

The La Follette School of Public Affairs offers an introduction to the book and its main conclusions:


The Wisconsin State Journal also recently covered the launch of the book with its own profile:

Nemet provides a holistic description of how solar became cheap…Often, you will see market research firms trumpeting a simple relationship between the scale of deployment of solar and its cost. But that focus on ‘pull’ policies misses half the story and the nuances of the interplay between push and pull policies, the global nature of the solar innovation ecosystem, and the real lessons that should be learned for how to make other technologies that are badly needed for decarbonization cheap

– Varun Sivaram

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