Connect With Students

The EAP program trains the next generation of energy leaders. Our program hosts about 50 students at any one time, pursuing MS, PhD, and other graduate degrees across campus. As such, EAP offers an unparalleled opportunity to meet a cross-section of amazing students with a shared interest in energy.

We have many opportunities for organizations to connect with these rising stars: 

  • Hiring our graduates
    • The EAP program is now graduating more students than ever. Feel free to send job postings to Scott Williams for dissemination to our graduating students.
  • EAP Professional Skills Seminar
    • Our professional skills seminar, a required 1-credit course, meets mid-day on Wednesdays each fall. Visitors speak to EAP students about energy related topics from solar siting to energy investment. Contact Michael Kamp or Scott Williams if you’re interested in speaking!
  • Annual networking trips to Milwaukee, Chicago, or … your location?
    • Every spring, EAP students visit Chicago for a networking trip, and every fall, EAP students visit Milwaukee for a networking trip. We welcome sponsorships for these existing networking trips, but we’re also happy to discuss new locations!
  • Funding scholarships or graduate research projects
    • Students have a wide array of research projects at different university departments that outside partners can support.
  • Serving as a client for a capstone class
    • Each spring, EAP students work in teams to undertake a real-world energy project outlined by a capstone client. Look at past capstone projects here.
  • Funding Student Travel Awards
    • Students can have opportunities to travel (e.g., conferences, travel for capstone class), but funding can be a barrier.
  • Joining our Circle of Friends
    • The Circle of Friends is made of supporters whose cumulative gifts total $250 or more in a year. Their support allows EAP to continue its excellent interdisciplinary energy education. Circle of Friends receive program updates as well as invitations to events with EAP faculty and students.

For more information or general questions, please contact Michael Kamp.

EAP Professor speaking at professional skills seminar
EAP Professor Paul Wilson speaking at program seminar.
EAP capstone students in Arizona studying agrivoltaics.
EAP students with former engagement coordinator, Colleen Schmit (left)