Whether you are already enrolled in the EAP program or a UW graduate student interested in joining our community, you can get involved in EAP by participating in a social event. EAP students come from a variety of home departments spread across campus. Building an academic and social cohort is important for linking students and faculty. The EAP student representatives organize 3-4 activities each semester, including lectures, viewing and discussing energy-related films, and debates on energy issues.

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EAP Students (from left to right) Javier Martinez-Santos, Dorothy Lsoto, Eri Amezcua Cuellar & EAP alumna Megan Zielke


Read below to meet some of our EAP students. Contact us if you’re a student interested in creating your own energy profile.

Eri Amezcua Cuellar

EAP Student Representative 2019-20

Eri is a Ph.D. student in Mechanical Engineering. He has a particular interest in engines and currently works with the Engine Research Center at UW-Madison. Eri is a recipient of the EAP International Student Award.

Adria Brooks


Adria Brooks is a fourth year doctoral student in Electrical Engineering and the Energy Analysis and Policy program. Prior to graduate school, she worked for several years as a Research Specialist in an outdoor solar photovoltaic test facility at the University of Arizona. She worked with different electric utilities, private companies and citizen groups to help answer the solar energy questions they found most relevant. She had a particular focus in educational outreach, helping to develop solar energy curriculum for community college students, middle school Girl Scouts, and education levels in between. Her current research is on electric power systems, with a focus in electricity market designs. Her current thought-experiment is on the relationship between unionized labor and renewable electricity.


Mikhaila Calice

Mikhaila Calice is a recent MPA graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison La Follette School of Public Affairs where she concentrated in Energy Analysis and Policy through the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. Mikhaila currently works as a Research Analyst for Slipstream Inc., an energy efficiency research nonprofit in Madison. Her work includes research for various projects regarding energy efficiency programs, energy usage trends, electricity pricing, emerging energy efficient technologies, utility stock valuation, and energy policy. Mikhaila will be continuing her education with the pursuit of a Ph.D. in Mass Communications at UW-Madison through the Department of Life Sciences Communication in the fall of 2019 where she plans to study how technical and controversial topics regarding the energy transition and climate change are communicated to the public and policymakers to explore collaborative approaches to policy making.

Gayatri Deshpande

Gayatri is a graduate student pursuing her Master’s in Environment and Resources at the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies with a focus on energy. She expects to graduate in December 2018. Through her research, she is currently exploring the question “What motivates people to adopt Solar?” Prior to UW Madison, she studied Sustainability Management at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago and worked as an Energy Data Intern at Goby Inc. She seeks career opportunities in the realm of Sustainability, Energy and the Environment.

Conrad Farner

Conrad Farner is a Class of 2020 MBA candidate at the Wisconsin School of Business. Prior to graduate school, he completed GE Power’s Operations Management Leadership Program and held an Environmental, Health, and Safety Leader role with GE Healthcare. His work primarily consisted of sustainability projects and air, water, and waste regulatory compliance. Before working, Conrad graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental & Ecological Engineering and a Minor in Sustainable Engineering. His primary interests are renewable energy technology implementation and sustainability initiatives that benefit the environment and companies’ bottom lines.


Gesangyangji is a Master’s student in the department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. She is working for Prof. Holloway and is a member of Holloway group/SAGE. Currently, she is working on the aerosol distribution over the Tibetan Plateau, which is her hometown. Her research is based on satellite data, including CALIPSO and MODIS.

April Hang

April is a Ph.D. candidate in the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies and the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. Her work focuses on cloud regimes, using satellite data and computer models to understand the role of cloud type in solar radiation, Earth energy budget, and climate.

Anke Keuser

Anke is a Ph.D. student in the Nelson Institute Environment and Resources program. She is working with Mutlu Ozdogan, with main interests lying in water allocation and hydropower. Anke is a recipient of the EAP International Student Award.

Antara Khadria

Antara Khadria is a second year graduate student pursuing her Master’s in Electrical Engineering. She is working with Prof. Bernie Lesieutre and her current research focus is on modeling of power electronic loads in buildings using estimation techniques. Her interests lie in the field of power systems and energy markets and analysis. Antara is a recipient of the EAP International Student Award.

Dorothy Lsoto

Dorothy Lsoto is a first year graduate student pursuing her Master’s in Environment and Resources at the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. Prior to graduate school, Dorothy has been working in East Africa, Uganda on several renewable energy research projects like solar, biomass and biogas. She has also done a lot of work with air quality in institutions and schools using biogas versus firewood for cooking. She loves working with communities and introducing them to clean energies. Her main interests are renewable energy; currently she works with Prof. Rebecca Larson on biogas absorption chillers. Dorothy is a recipient of the EAP International Student Award.

Javier J. Martínez-Santos

Javier J. Martínez-Santos is a graduate research assistant completing his PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Environment & Resources. He completed his B.S. with honors in Mechanical Engineering. His research focus is in Energy and Air Quality Sustainability, with a special interest on the modeling of power plant emissions and its variation with emerging technologies and energy efficiency strategies.

Katie Mummah

Katie is a graduate student in Nuclear Engineering & Engineering Physics and her research focuses on modeling the nuclear fuel cycle for nuclear nonproliferation. In her spare time, Katie is active in teaching nuclear science concepts to the general public.


Nishanth is a first-year PhD student at the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, specializing broadly in the domain of Electrical Power and Energy. His research at WEMPEC involves development of power electronics and electro-mechanical drive systems. Prior to Joining UW Madison, he was involved with the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras working on Fuel Cell Inverters & Motor Drives with Prof. Krishna Vasudevan’s group. His undergraduate major project, “Unipolar SPWM based Reactive Power Compensator” was funded and recognized as the best project of the year 2015 by Karnataka State Council for Science & Technology – Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru. His interests span Power Electronics, Control & Drive design, Smart Grids, Data Analysis and application of Internet of Things to power systems.

Yi Wang

Yi Wang is a graduate student pursuing dual degrees in Biological Systems Engineering with a track on natural resources and environmental engineering, and Water Resources Management with Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. She is interested in sustainable energy urban planning and development.

The EAP program is part of the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, partnered with the Wisconsin Energy Institute