Past Events

Major EAP Events

August 2024 Workshop

Working with the University of Iowa on a conference studying how satellite data can support solar energy.

October 2023 Workshop

Partnered with Duke University to explore the intersection of energy data analytics, satellites, and artificial intelligence.

September 2023 Workshop

Collaborated with the National Center for Atmospheric Research and Howard University on conference titled: Energy, Fire, and Changing Landscapes - Satellite Applications.

October 2022 Conference

On October 6–7, 2022, the Energy Analysis and Policy (EAP) program hosted a major energy conference addressing the potential for satellite data to support energy decision-making around supply, demand, and environmental impacts.

Annual Networking Trips

Each spring and fall, EAP takes students to tour a variety of energy organizations and network with professionals across the energy sector. These trips give students a better understanding of what it can look like to work in the energy sector.

The EAP program is part of the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, partnered with the Wisconsin Energy Institute