The Energy Analysis and Policy Program provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to become leaders in industry, government, consulting, non-profits, and other roles in the energy field. EAP’s interdisciplinary curriculum considers scientific, technical, economic, political, and social factors that shape energy policy formulation and decision-making. It examines topics in energy resources, market structures, public utilities, technology, linkages to the environment, demand for energy services, and public policy. Every EAP student also gains experience in designing, conducting, and communicating analysis for real-world clients in the energy sector.

Gifts to EAP play a crucial role in enhancing the reach and quality of our research and educational programs. We have identified two targeted giving opportunities to support the mission of EAP: one directed toward programming that advances EAP’s continued legacy of excellence and impact and the other directed toward direct student support and an enhanced student experience (e.g., fellowships, travel awards).

Gifts in any amount are needed and appreciated!


Energy Analysis and Policy Program Fund

Gifts to this fund provide an immediate impact. Gifts to this fund may be used to enhance or expand EAP's teaching, research, and public service roles or to help the Program pursue new opportunities and address strategic priorities.

Energy Analysis and Policy Student Fund

Gifts to this endowment fund support EAP’s long-term goals. This fund is used to support graduate student development in the Energy Analysis and Policy Program, including enriching the EAP student experience both inside and outside of the classroom.

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The EAP program is part of the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, partnered with the Wisconsin Energy Institute