Client Services

The client services model fits EAP’s mission of connecting students and faculty with real-world energy problems and working collaboratively with both public and private-sector partners. Billed out at market-competitive rates, these agreements use the university’s fee-for-service contract model to facilitate industry engagement. Using this model, our teams are able to support industry partners with business-friendly flexibility. We’ve found this approach is often easiest for businesses to fit into their existing frameworks and supports fast-turnaround projects, NDAs, and other standard models of private-sector analysis activities.

The client services activities offer a new way to connect the university with industry partners and advance the Wisconsin Idea. These projects also generate needed revenue for faculty research, EAP program activities, the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, and the educational mission of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Relative to standard grant contracts, client services are billed out at higher rates, commensurate with market rates for private-sector energy expertise. Client services, also known as fee-for-service projects, are administered through the university and meet predefined specifications in a written contract. The work is not expected to add to the body of fundamental knowledge in a given field (i.e. usually not publishable in peer-review journals). The work may be confidential and/or the intellectual property of the funding organization. Fee-for-service industry projects are led by a member of the EAP Program Faculty or the EAP Affiliate Faculty, referred to as the project leads. UW-Madison academic staff may be considered for eligibility as project leads on a case-by-case basis.

For faculty interested in the Client Service Project, please review the Client Service Project Agreements page.

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