Meet EAP Student Gesangyangji

Gesangyangji is a Ph.D. student in the Nelson Institute’s Environment & Resources program. She works with Professors Tracey Holloway and Dan Vimont and is a member of the Holloway Group at SAGE (center for Sustainability And the Global Environment). In her research, she uses model data to study how climate change will impact the design of building specifications in the future.

Recently, we got the chance to ask Gesangyangji a couple of questions!

What is one of your favorite aspects of EAP?

There are two things I really like about EAP.

  1. The courses: to complete EAP course requirements, I took classes in various fields, including energy technology, environment, air quality, economics, etc. That motivated me to step out of my comfort zone and learn new knowledge.
  2. Chicago trip and seminars: I met different people, got to see their workplace in Chicago, learned about their stories, and built up my social network.

What is a unique activity you do?

I have been so into dance since I was young, especially old school hip hop dance. I dance every weekend, and I want to learn some Salsa now. I also like traveling. I think seeing different worlds and feeling different lifestyles is super cool.