UW team develops carbon capture tech, competes in XPRIZE contest

A team of University of Wisconsin–Madison students and professors has been working on a way take carbon dioxide, the most common greenhouse gas, out of the air and seal it away where it can’t contribute to rising global temperatures.

This past fall, the team was selected as one of the top winners in the $5 million XPRIZE for Carbon Removal Student Competition. The contest is kickstarting projects that could mitigate the impacts of climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air, ground. and oceans. The UW team, which includes members from CALS, received $250,000 — the largest available award in the student competition — to fund their continued work.

Read the full article at: https://news.cals.wisc.edu/2022/02/24/uw-team-competes-in-xprize-contest/