Energy Analysis and Policy International Student Scholarships


The format of the EAP student scholarships has been updated.
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Through a generous gift from Wes and Ankie Foell, we are pleased to announce a second round of scholarships for international students enrolling in the Energy Analysis and Policy (EAP) program. We will award up to 5 scholarships of $5,000 each to international students who choose to enroll in the EAP program in Summer 2019. Read about the 2018 scholarship winners here.

What: $5,000 awards for UW-Madison international graduate students who enroll in EAP in Summer 2019

When: Deadline to apply: September 4, 2019 (first day of Fall 2019 semester). Awards will be made on a rolling basis starting July 1, 2019.

How: To apply for the scholarship, apply to be part of the EAP program and mark the appropriate box on the application form.


  • Students in almost any graduate degree program at the University of Wisconsin—Madison who are eligible to enroll in EAP are thus also eligible for this award. Check with your graduate coordinator to ensure you are able to enroll in certificate programs.
  • Selected graduate students must enroll in EAP, and move forward in the program over a 2-year period.
  • Students must hold a passport from a country outside the United States (dual citizens are also eligible).
  • Students enrolled in EAP on or before May 1, 2019 are not eligible to apply.


Applicants will be awarded on the following criteria:

  • Overall academic and professional excellence
  • Demonstrated enrollment in EAP courses (especially Env. St./PA/URPL 809  – Intro to Energy Analysis and Policy and Env. St. 900 – Professional Skills in Energy Analysis and Policy)
  • Among excellent candidates, diversity in terms of country of origin, department of graduate degree, and professional interests will also be considered.

Scholarship Implementation:

  • Students will recieve the $5000 over a period of four semesters, if they complete 1 or more required EAP classes per semester ($1000 for 3 semesters; $2000 in 4th). If EAP requirements are fulfilled in less than 4 semesters, then the balance of the scholarship will be awarded upon certificate completion.
  • Up to five scholarships will be awarded

The EAP program is part of the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, partnered with the Wisconsin Energy Institute