Energy Analysis & Policy Student Scholarships

Through generous gifts from Wes and Ankie Foell and David and Helen Nagel, the Energy Analysis and Policy (EAP) program is pleased to offer scholarships for new students enrolling in the EAP program. Scholarships of $2,000 each will be awarded to several outstanding students who enroll in the EAP program in 2024.

The 2024 award competition is open to any prospective, incoming, or enrolled graduate student, from any department, who is eligible and chooses to add EAP to their graduate studies at UW-Madison.

The EAP program prides itself in the diversity of backgrounds and disciplines of its student body. Historically, the program has seen strong representation from students in the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, La Follette School of Public Affairs, College of Engineering, Urban and Regional Planning, and Agricultural and Applied Economics. Students in these programs have shown exceptional dedication to fostering EAP’s interdisciplinary community of energy scholars at UW-Madison.

Our program is seeking to expand its disciplinary reach, particularly to programs in the broader social sciences, humanities, and health fields. Students in these programs will receive special consideration for scholarships.

There are no prerequisites to joining EAP other than enrollment in a graduate degree program at UW-Madison. Students are encouraged to talk to EAP coordinator Scott Williams to see if EAP is a good fit and to develop a study plan to integrate EAP coursework into their master’s or doctoral degree program.

What: $2,000 awards for UW-Madison graduate students who enroll in EAP in 2024.

When: Deadline to apply: September 8, 2024.
Awards will be made on a rolling basis starting March 1, 2024.

How: To apply for the scholarship, apply to be part of the EAP program and mark the appropriate box on the application form. An unofficial transcript, a résumé, and a short essay are required for the application form.

  • Students in almost any graduate degree program at the University of Wisconsin—Madison who are eligible to enroll in EAP are thus also eligible for this award. Check with your graduate coordinator to ensure you are able to enroll in a certificate program.
  • Selected graduate students must enroll in EAP and move forward in the program, typically over a 2-year period.
  • Students enrolled in EAP on or before January 1, 2024 are not eligible to apply.

Applicants will be awarded on the following criteria:

  • Overall academic and professional excellence
  • Demonstrated or planned enrollment in EAP courses (especially Env. St./PA/URPL 809  – Intro to Energy Analysis and Policy, and Env. St. 909 – Professional Skills in Energy Analysis and Policy)
  • Among excellent candidates, diversity in terms of department of graduate degree, professional interests, and country/state of origin will also be considered.
  • Students will receive the $2000 in two installments: $1000 in the first semester, after enrolling in the program and making progress toward 1 or more required EAP courses; and $1000 in the semester in which they will complete the certificate requirements.
EAP Alumni (from left to right) Javier Martinez-Santos, Dorothy Lsoto, Eri Amezcua Cuellar & Megan Zielke

The EAP Student Scholarship was made possible through generous gifts from Wes and Ankie Foell and David and Helen Nagel.

Ankie and Wes Foell
David Nagel
David Nagel

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2023 Recipients

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2022 Recipients

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2021 Recipients

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2020 Recipients

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2019 Recipients

SunJoo Hwang
MPA from the La Follette School

Mruganka Kashyap
PhD in Electrical Engineering

Jiayu Liu
MS in Agricultural and Applied Economics

Eduardo Ramirez
MS in Mechanical Engineering

Mingxin Zhang
MPA from the La Follette School

2018 Recipients

Eri Amezcua Cuellar
PhD in Mechanical Engineering

Anke Keuser
Ph.D. in Environment and Resources

Antara Khadria
MS in Electrical Engineering

Dorothy Lsoto
PhD in Environment and Resources

David Nielsen-Franco
PhD in Environmental Chemistry and Technology