Sponsored Research

Research is at the core of EAP’s strength, where we bring together awardwinning faculty and scientists from science, policy, engineering, health, and many more fields across campus. Funded research supports graduate student work and other trainees, with the mission of advancing policyrelevant insights on energy problems. For decades, EAP has worked collaboratively with public and privatesector partners on this cuttingedge research, and we are happy to explore opportunities with your organization. Billed out at standard rates akin to government grants, these agreements typically involve a high degree of faculty creativity and autonomy. As such, they connect business needs with the innovation and spark at the heard of the discovery process. We’ve found this approach is often easiest for faculty to align with current research activities, and supports training of Ph.D.s and M.S. students, as well broader impact through dissemination of research findings in the peerreviewed literature, conferences, and often media coverage.

Relative to the client services program, research projects are billed out at the standard university overhead rates, and typically involve the faculty lead designing and proposing the work product. The work is expected to be publishable in peerreview journals, appropriate for student theses, or otherwise shared with the research audiences we engage with in our role as academics. The work must align with university rules for confidentiality and/or the intellectual property. Research projects are led by a member of the EAP Program Faculty, EAP Affiliate Faculty, or others who are granted Principle Investigator (PI) status by the University of WisconsinMadison .

The creativity and vision of our faculty is one of our greatest attributes. Sponsored research is a way for your organization to tap into the scholarship that makes the University of Wisconsin—Madison one of the world’s leading research institutions. For more on research at UW-Madison, click here.

Typically, research projects are directed by EAP faculty members, and result in publications and student thesis projects. For projects that can benefit from our expertise, but may not be research, please see our client services options.

For more information, please contact Dr. Paul Meier at pmeier@wisc.edu