For Industry and Non-Profits

Thanks for exploring how to work with EAP! We’re always looking for ways to connect with external stakeholders and expand our network. We work with industry and non-profit organizations in three main ways: Connecting with Students, Sponsored Research, and Client Services. For more information on each, click below:


The following table compares our Sponsored Research and Client Services programs:

Sponsored Research Client Services
  • Work is in the public domain
  • Ideas and project design generated by UW research lead
  • Longer term: typically takes 1-5 years to complete
  • Outcomes may be uncertain
  • Contact relevant faculty or staff expert
  • Work can be proprietary and/or confidential
  • Project design based on client needs
  • Fast turnaround: typically takes weeks to months
  • Well-defined deliverables
  • Contact Dr. Paul Meier (

We have a growing portfolio of projects and partners. Please visit the Past Projects page for a list of examples. We would love to add your organization to this list!